SAP Hybris

Hybris allows you to be more flexible and rigid at the same time. It is the ultimate tool to enhance and maintain your existing processes and merchandising the product search results.

Redefine Customer Engagement

By evaluating the current ecosystem

The Hybris platform is one in every of the most recent solutions dedicated to corporations within the e- commerce trade. It combines experiences and preferences of purchasers known all told attainable sales channels, analyzes them on nearly period basis and provides its users with offers utterly tailored to their wants. Multi channel service powerfully involves purchasers within the method of purchase, that interprets itself to the rise in sales of merchandise, services and digital content.

Achieve Omni-channel Commerce with SAP Hybris. the reality of eCommerce is currently Omni channel as essential. Desss is Associate in Nursing enterprise-level eCommerce computer code suite that provides each B2C and B2B store practicality. Currently, over 2500 stores use the hybris platform. we tend to are number one SAP hybris e-Commerce Development Consulting Services company coupling for last 15+ years within the market and delivers progressive client knowledge management, context- driven promoting tools and unified commerce processes for all channels.

Hybris B2C Commerce makes it additionally doable to form special, careful e-commerce websites, that are managed via intuitive and easy CMS system (Content Management System), integration of different channels, like mobile platforms, written catalogs or decision centers, moreover as multiplying mobile websites, points of service for various countries, segments and makes on one platform.

Why choose Inexture for SAP HYBRIS?

Inexture Solutions may be a sure SAP partner and a number one supplier of eCommerce and DESSS may be a SAP partner with 8+years of expertise and brings deep software package engineering data for scale, performance, and merchandise.

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Enterprise search features
  • This answer allows you to implement addition channels, like mobile systems, written catalogs, decision centers etc. on one platform.
  • Central management of content (CMS) and merchandise information (PCM) guarantees information consistency all told channels.
  • This package permits you to manage several retailers on one platform, which might be helpful just in case of shared systems or methods as well as several brands and countries.
  • Integrated client service improves client satisfaction and will increase sales.
  • Central management of orders allows economical realization of orders placed by suggests that of various channels.
  • The software system offers the most effective measurability, flexibility and potency during this category of solutions, which permit firms to manage massive systems and diverse transactions.
Relevancy tuning with Solr
  • Improvement in keyword search results
  • Tuning for precision and type ahead type recall
  • AJAX type autocomplete results in a search box
  • Generate metrics & analytics using metrics such as sales, inventory, geolocation