Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the key element in the product development life-cycle and it brings perfection to product.


and deliver the best quality

In order to deliver flawless, hassle-free experience to users across the device it is mandatory to perform all kinds of testing on the final product. Our testing and quality assurance team offers comprehensive solutions that help you to reduce the risk of application, system failure. The primary focus of our testing and quality assurance team ensure that the product works seamlessly, impeccably and consistently meet the expectation of the client.

Our Quality Assurance team constantly coordinate with the development team to make sure each and every functionality work as expected. This will produce an undefeatable result and notably reduces the cost of development and maintenance, enhance user experience and better quality product.


Our skilled and knowledgeable Quality Assurance engineers ensure an optimal user experience, reduce cost and faster release without compromising the quality of a product.

The main purpose of Alpha-Beta is testing is to provide a high-quality product to our client. The testing is carried out, before the final product being handed to the client. Our team also takes care of the functionality, usability, reliability and security of a product. As our motto is customers satisfaction and will like to fulfill it any condition.

Our in-house Quality Assurance experts deal with the production system at all stages, to improve the quality of the production process. This helps us to squash the bugs and errors at a very early stage of product development and make the entire product development process hassle-free.

The aim of the availability testing is to determine whether the application is up and running as expected without any issues. The purpose of the it to ensure the service reliability and increased fault tolerance. Availability testing represents a percentage calculation based on how often the application is available to handle various service requests compared to predefined total planned, available run time.

For each iterative life-cycle product development approach, Our quality assurance team always make sure whether or not previously developed and tested functionality still performs the exact same way or not. The purpose of Regression testing is to make sure that new functionality should not have side effects on existing functionalities.