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Top Secret reasons why Liferay is the best Enterprise Portal product


Liferay gives you a solution that works today and is flexible enough to drive future strategic growth. It is simpler than WebSphere and more flexible than SharePoint!

Here Top Secret reasons why is Liferay Portal the best portal product in our opinion?

1. Liferay has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to its competitors starting with its licensing and getting it up and running through development costs, operational costs, and training/support costs (from the perspective of infrastructure, developers, administrators, and end users).

2. Second-to-none rich out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality around core portal, content management, collaboration, social, mobile, security and more

3. All portal products typically need extensions and/or additions to deliver requisite functionality – with Liferay you can simply do more within a specific budget.

4. Product innovation – leader in introducing new capabilities whether it be AJAX or friendly URLs or mobile or social

5. Improved business agility – it is lightweight in nature; you can quickly get it up and running, and it is easier to develop on/manage.

6. A mature Enterprise Open Source (fully supported) product – 24x7x365 platinum support with 1 hour response time SLA; this includes access to all service packs, hotfixes, notifications of security alerts, phone and web-based support.

7. Liferay’s open architecture and its open source nature help you avoid lock-in to a single proprietary vendor.

8. Liferay’s hook and extension plugin model allows you to tailor product behavior to your needs without rewriting from scratch and without creating upgrade hell.

9. Liferay offers opportunities for product feature sponsorship to enable contributions back into the core product for key customizations – this allows you to offload the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing your custom features back to Liferay.

10. Liferay offers you a full choice of application servers, databases, and operating systems to run on, thereby allowing you to leverage your infrastructure and skills investment

About us

At INEXTURE, we have extensive experience delivering enterprise portal, content management, and collaboration solutions since the late 2013, and have seen this product space mature and evolve over the years. iNEXTURE provides Liferay consulting services to clients in building state-of-the-art digital experience platforms, digital customer engagement portals and collaborative enterprise solutions. Liferay consultants at iNEXTURE have an extensive experience of implementations on varying ecosystems making us an ideal Liferay consulting partner for enterprise social collaboration, portals, and content management systems, e-commerce, search, and analytics.

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